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Luthiery is my life.

Even when I'm not in my lab, my head is always there.

It's a fire that burns in my veins since 2011: as soon as I finished high school I became a student at the School for Master Luthiers and Bowmakers in Gubbio, where I learned the basics and started practicing my craftmanship on violins.  After that, I attended various workshops and masterclasses (the latest was held by Dana Bourgeois, Michael Greenfield and Ken Parker) in order to perfect my skills. I still do, because there's always room for improvement, no finishing point.

This is a one man business: I'm the guy who replies to your mails, who brainstorms with you the creation of a new piece,  who chooses the best materials around. I'm also the only one that builds your instrument, and with that I mean that I don't use CNCs. I think the beauty of luthiery is in the handwork, the sweat, (sometimes) the blood and more than everything else, in knowing that every instrument is irreplaceable and inimitable. 
Yes, I'm a bit old school in this regard.

Last but not least, I made the ethical choice to not use animal parts whenever possible, and for every instrument built there's a tree ready to be planted, either by myself or through other channels.

- Luca Battistoni

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